Medical Qigong

Specialised Medical Qigong Therapy for Fertility in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire within easy reach of Stoke on Trent, Cheshire and Shropshire. Now available in Central London.

Of all the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) branches, Medical Qigong is the most ancient and is practised in many hospitals in China. It combines breath, visualisation and physical exercise. Like all TCM, it works on correcting imbalances along the meridians so that Qi (life force) can travel freely. The benefits of Medical Qigong are said to include not only improvement in vitality, but also happiness, longevity, and spiritual development.

There are two categories to Medical Qigong: internal and external. Internal is where the patient is prescribed a specific Dao Yin (exercise). External is where Medical Qigong is performed through Qi transmission by the Medical Qigong Therapist on the patient. Dao Yins (home exercises) are often prescribed by the Medical Qigong Therapist. This attracts a certain type of patient – one who is independent and wants to take control and responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Also, Medical Qigong is chosen by many patients who have a phobia of needles. A detailed consultation is taken for every patient and a prescription is administered according to the specific syndrome. Patients remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Please note this is not Qigong which is a system aimed at maintaining general health and taught in T’ai Chi classes.

Please note that this specialism is separate to our Acupuncture services. If you would like more information, please contact mqtherapist@gmail.com




Thank you so much Anita for guiding me towards medical qigong. It has not only given me the energy to start to get my life back on track, but also improved muscle strength and balance to cope better with physical tasks. Most of all thank you for teaching me about the over-thinking – now that I know it depletes me I can start to build a much better life
Chronic FatigueLynn – Stafford



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Of all the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) branches, Medical Qigong is the most ancient and is practised in many hospitals in China...


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